UofL's Ramsey says Ky. higher ed pricing many students out; addresses tuition, cuts and his pay raises

02/29/2012 07:14 AM

Facing state budget cuts and the prospect of another round of tuition increases, UofL President James Ramsey said Kentucky universities are gradually pricing state students out of higher education.

“We’re really shifting in Kentucky, a state that is a low income state as you know, from higher education being a public good to being a private good,” Ramsey said (1:30)

Ramsey said he doesn’t know what the next year’s rate of tuition increase will be. But he said a 4 percent to 6 percent increase would allow UofL to “continue to do what we’re doing.” (2:45).

Ramsey said he was “disappointed” to hear Gov. Steve Beshear was recommending 6.4 percent cuts to higher education.

“We have statutory mandates to do more. We have a statutory mandate to be better … to be premier, to build our research, to provide more community partnerships and access and increase our graduation rates,” Ramsey said. (1:15).

But as a result of cuts, UofL employees will see another year without pay raises and could face layoffs. (4:00)

However, the UofL board of trustees voted to increase Ramsey’s pay to $600,000 plus a $150,000 bonus — not counting a $2 million bonus from the UofL Foundation. Ramsey explains the reason for the raises and how much money he’s given up to stay at UofL, as well as whether he would consider a pay cut to bring in more faculty (4:45)


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