Two GOP gubernatorial candidates get hit in the face with a pie to benefit reading program

04/13/2015 05:40 PM

With 35 days until the May 19 primary election two candidates for governor took a pie to the face in an attempt to garner publicity and perhaps as campaign strategy.

For the second time in the campaign Matt Bevin has been able to position himself in a place to play follow-the-leader with the pie stunt Monday.

(If you don’t want to read about the political maneuvering and just want to see a politician take a pie to the face scroll down.)

Early in the campaign Bevin published his economic plan for Kentucky, recycling points from his U.S. Senate campaign in 2014. After the launch of Bevin’s plan he issued a challenge to the GOP primary field to show their plans, and then dropped a radio ad saying the candidates copied him in formulating a plan.

On Monday, Bevin — one of four GOP candidates in the primary field which includes Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, Louisville businessman Hal Heiner and former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott — may have baited part of the field into following his lead with his challenge in “read or pie.”

Bevin said he was making a donation to Read On, a campaign for early grade-level reading. The candidate allowed one of his daughters to hit him in the face with a pie after he challenged his fellow GOP gubernatorial hopefuls to follow suit.

“Improving education is one of the 7 pillars in Bevin’s platform, and centers around empowering parents, teachers, and local communities,” a news release from the campaign said. “Bevin supports the goal of Read On’s ‘Read or Pie’ challenge to “give every 0-5 year old in Cincinnati access to age-appropriate books.”

Watch Bevin get hit in the face with a pie here:

In a video posted Monday afternoon Scott thanked Bevin for issuing the challenge as he stood outside of the Windmill Restaurant in Pikeville Monday ready for his whipped-cream fate.

Scott also challenged Heiner and Comer to take the challenge and get hit in the face with a pie.

“I’m going to take a pie in the face for the children of Kentucky, so they’ll know you need to start reading and everybody needs to help our children to start reading early,” Scott said before being hit with the pie.

After being hit and with his face covered in whipped cream Scott said the state is facing “serious problems, but that don’t mean we can’t be friends and we can’t talk and discuss the issues and solve them for Kentucky.”

Watch Scott get hit in the face with a pie here:

Comer and Heiner’s campaigns did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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