Trey Grayson talks 2016 presidential election

05/24/2016 03:06 PM

CRESCENT SPRINGS – Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President and former director of the Harvard Institute of Politics, Trey Grayson, says that the 2016 presidential election is historic from the standpoint that the two likely nominees, Republican Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, have the worst approval ratings among the general public in the history of polling.

Grayson, who served as Kentucky Secretary of State from 2004 to 2011, says that he finds it interesting that Trump is detested by many leaders in the GOP despite being extremely popular with the public.

“While there is this divide in the (Republican) party, Trump got a lot of votes,” Grayson said. “He generated a lot of turnout. When all was said and done, he had more primary votes cast on his behalf than anyone in the history of the Republican Party nominating process.”

Grayson thinks that one of the more fascinating aspects moving forward will be Trump’s choice of a running mate.

“Does he go for another outsider, because that’s what’s been so successful in the past, or does be try to shore something up,” Grayson said. “Does he go for a female or minority candidate or a governor, somebody who’s got some experience? I’m not sure among the voters it will matter much.”

Likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is still facing competition from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders even though mathematically it will be just about impossible for him to catch the former Secretary of State.

Grayson says that Clinton’s challenge will be to unite the Democrat Party by eventually getting as many of those Sanders supporters to eventually back her.

“One of the things we’ve seen is Republican support for Trump has consolidated, he’s getting a much higher percentage of Republicans than he did a week or two ago,” Grayson said. “Clinton is probably not doing as good a job right now with getting the Sanders votes to come in on her behalf. So, that’s something that you have to do first. Consolidate your base, and then reach out to those voters who are persuadable which honestly, is not that many.”

Grayson sat down with Pure Politics to discuss the race and gave his early pick as to who he expects to win in November.


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