To silence doubters, Trey Grayson stands with Rand Paul at Lexington GOP rally

10/04/2010 04:39 PM

LEXINGTON — Appearing for the first time since just after the primary, Republican Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul stood together at a brief rally at the Fayette County GOP headquarters, confirming Grayson’s support for Paul.

Grayson, who lost to Paul in the Republican primary in May, originally came out in support of Paul during a “unity rally” at state GOP headquarters the weekend after that election. But two different stories emerged in recent days questioning moderate Republicans support for Paul. One Grayson supporter was quoted in the Lexington Herald-Leader as saying that moderates would “sit out” the election instead of voting for Paul.

Asked about what he would say to moderate Republicans and his supporters about the candidacy of Paul, Grayson reiterated that his support of Paul hasn’t wavered since the primary and that he thinks Paul is the best option on issues important to Republicans.

Paul, sensing an opportunity, also responded by saying that Grayson’s support of him has been much steadier than the two primary opponents on the Democratic side, nominee Jack Conway and current Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo. For weeks after the primary, Mongiardo publicly withheld his endorsement of Conway, complaining that Conway’s campaign was not delivering on a promise to retire Mongiardo’s campaign debt from the primary. A few days before the annual Fancy Farm political picnic, Mongiardo finally endorsed Conway in an e-mailed news release. But Mongiardo’s support seems to be tempered, as his endorsement of Conway at the Farm Bureau Ham Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair was less than stellar.

Because of those instances on the Democratic side, Paul pointed out that support among Republicans has always been unified since the primary, whereas that of Democrats may not be.

-Videos production and reporting by Kenny Colston


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