Thomas Massie sees GOP leadership debate in the House as the best thing to happen to the Republican Party

10/15/2015 04:26 PM

ERLANGER- Fourth District Congressman Thomas Massie, R-Vanceburg, feels that the current debate in the U.S. House over leadership is for the best.

Massie, who was in Erlanger Wednesday night addressing members of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party, is on record as never having voted for outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Massie said he is happy that current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not seek the position of Speaker, and he says it’s a time to change the way of doing business in Washington. The way to change Washington D.C., Massie said is to select a Speaker who addresses all interests and gain the respect of all legislators.

“What we’re doing in Washington, D.C. created the opportunity for Donald Trump to come in,” Massie said. “People are so dissatisfied with what we’re doing. There’s such a disconnect between K street and Main Street right now. Republicans need to show that they’re from Main Street not K Street.

Massie thinks that Boehner’s resignation and McCarthy’s decision not to move up indicates that the Republican Party is ready to listen to the public.

Massie’s feels that Florida Congressman Daniel Webster would be the best choice out of all 435 members of Congress.

“If this we’re a business and you were looking for resumes, Daniel Webster’s would be at the top,” Massie said. “He was Speaker of the House in the Florida state legislature, and he turned it from dysfunction into function. Instead of renaming the bridges and roads, and the state pie as the first votes, he took the budget votes first, and put all of the nonsense toward the end of the session.”


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