The Chatter: Recounts and Money Edition

06/24/2010 03:29 PM

  • The counting is over in Boone County as County Commissioner Cathy Flaig decided to end the recount in the Judge-Executive Republican primary.
  • Two state representatives have returned their special session salaries, the Associated Press reports.
  • After this week’s fund-raisers in Kentucky and Washington D.C., Republican U.S. Senate candidate Paul aims to reap in online donations on Monday. Paul sent this e-mail to supporters asking them to help him equal what Paul claims will be a superior money advantage that his opponent, Jack Conway, can drum up.
  • Meanwhile, the Conway campaign decided to use Paul campaign chairman David Adams’ words against him on Twitter on Wednesday. The Conway campaign re-tweeted an Adams tweet from the primary that blasted what Adams called Trey Grayson’s Washington D.C. fund-raiser.
  • As recently reported by the AP and pageonekentucky is a 2006 letter to the editor Paul wrote to the Kentucky Post in which Paul said he would have pardoned himself as governor if indicted in the 2006 state hiring scandal.
  • The Washington Post has a quick look into the Paul’s “grassroots” fund-raiser Wednesday evening.
  • Finally, comedian Stephen Colbert decided to parody recent news about Paul’s board certification.

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— Kenny Colston


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