The Chatter, Rand Paul edition: Paul weighs in on Wyoming Sen. race, immigration and is Vegas-bound

07/11/2013 02:23 PM

U.S. Senator Rand Paul continues to lay the groundwork for a run in the next Republican primary for president with a trip to Nevada.

Paul will headline a fundraiser for the Nevada Republican Party in downtown Las Vegas as well attend a libertarian-leaning conference known as Freedom Fest.

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald said in a statement that he is pleased Paul is “investing” in the Republican Party.

“The Senator’s steadfast commitment to conservatism and bringing people together on common sense ideas is something we at the Nevada GOP seek to emulate,” McDonald said in press release from Paul’s leadership PAC, RANDPAC.

Paul’s trip to Nevada is Paul’s fourth visit to an early presidential primary or caucus state in the last two months. He has also made recent appearances in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Paul to carry message of need for immigration reform to Nevada
Even though he voted against the U.S. Senate’s immigration reform bill, Paul plans to tell Nevada Republicans this weekend why they need to be welcoming to immigrants.

In an interview with Politico Thursday, Paul said he believes Nevada “is and should be” open to the message that the GOP should be more welcoming to immigrants.

Paul told Politico his opposition to the Senate immigration bill doesn’t make him a flawed messenger. Instead, he said he has been working with members of the House on immigration reform, even urging them to adopt parts of his approach.

Paul has been advocating a plan that involves giving Congress the power to make sure the border is secure before giving illegal immigrants legal status.

Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, D-Louisville, is a member of the House “gang of 7” working on an immigration reform bill. Yarmuth told Pure Politics that Paul’s proposal isn’t likely to be a part of the House bill.

Paul said the Senate’s gang of 8 QUOTE “just kind of went crazy at the end” and he could not support a bill that did not secure the border before granting legal status to illegal immigrants.

Paul gets behind Senate colleague in potential Wyoming showdown
Paul is coming to the aid of one of his Republican Senate colleagues who could face a primary challenge.

As Jonathan Martin of the New York Times first reported this week& , 69-year-old Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyoming, could face a primary challenge from the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Liz Cheney is a former State Department official and has been touring Wyoming political events in recent months to raise her profile. And according to the Times article, Cheney has informed Enzi of her interest in the race.

But the three-term Senator has given no hint that he’s not running for re-election.

And Politico reported Thursday that Paul considers his Wyoming colleague to be a “good conservative” even though they are not always on the same side of votes.

The Politico article also points out that Dick Cheney endorsed Trey Grayson over Paul the 2010 republican primary in Kentucky.


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