The Chatter: NY Times focuses on Andy Barr's fundraising; Record setting Senate race expenses; and more

08/11/2013 09:27 PM

Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Barr is still in his first year in the House, but that hasn’t stopped him from pulling big fundraising bucks from the financial industry, which he regulates on the Financial Services Committee.

Though Barr did not give an interview to The New York Times he was the focus of an article which illustrated the “flood of financial industry cash — $150,000 in political action committee donations to Mr. Barr in just six months…”

The Times showed Barr as an example of how financial industry PAC’s donate mountains of cash to members of the Financial Services Committee, and the pressure that can put on freshmen – - like Barr to favor legislation that helps that industry.

Barr brought in about $360,000 in each of the first two quarters of fundraising for the year.

Cash on hand – – $579,514
Raised in second quarter – – $360,048
Total raised in the election – – $807,249
Total spent in election cycle – – $293,857

Democratic candidates Elisabeth Jensen, Joe Palumbo and Michael Coblenz have all announced they will seek the Democratic nomination for the 6th District Congressional seat.

2014 U.S. Senate contest could break fundraising records

The Washington Post’s The Fix blog suggests that the U.S. Senate race is likely to topple all spending records and break the $100 million mark is upon the Bluegrass.

Chris Cillizza runs down the reasons for a gigantic spending spree in the state.

McConnell already has raised $15 million and is facing two expensive contests, starting with the primary against tea party challenger Matt Bevin, who has jump-started his effort with some of his own money. The Democratic nominee is likely to be Alison Lundergan Grimes, the secretary of state, who has said she would likely need $26 million to compete. And that doesn’t count outside groups for both parties that already are getting involved in the race.

There is a caveat as to just how much could be spent in Kentucky:

This race will test just how much money you can spend in Kentucky on a political campaign. As one veteran Democratic strategist noted to us, it’s possible that Kentucky radio and television stations will simply run out of inventory; there, literally, won’t be anything left to buy with all the money pouring into the state.

Paul to appear on The Daily Show this week

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is scheduled to appear as a guest on The Daily Show on Monday. The appearance will mark Paul’s third interview appearance on Comedy Central’s news program.

Paul last appeared on the show in October of 2012 .


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