The Chatter: Massie co-sponsors hemp bill; Rand Paul says entitlement reform isn't compromise

11/28/2012 09:09 AM

New 4th District Congressman Thomas Massie of Vanceburg co-sponsored his first bill this week — a piece of legislation that would allow states, like Kentucky, to produce industrial hemp.

The Associated Press reported that Massie has signed on as a co-sponsor to the legislation similar to the one U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is working on in the U.S. Senate.

The proposed Industrial Hemp Farming Act would require the federal government honor state laws allowing production of industrial hemp and would exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana.

Massie said in the article that industrial hemp could be an important agricultural product for Kentucky farmers if the feds would allow it to be grown in the United States. Other Kentucky Republicans, such as Paul and state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, have made similar points.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul will not trade tax increases for entitlement reform

U.S. Senator Rand Paul told CNN on Tuesday that raising taxes is not a fair trade for entitlement reform because entitlements are broken.

In the interview with CNN , Paul said he is willing to compromise in some areas, such as military spending, but entitlement reform is not an area of compromise because Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid must be reformed.

“It is not my fault. It is not the Democrats’ fault. It’s because your grandparents had too may babies and because we’re living longer. These are the facts.”

Paul also said he is not willing to raise taxes when there is wasteful spending in other areas of the federal government.

Republican and Democratic House leaders at odds over when to redistrict

Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo wants to try again to redraw legislative district maps when the 2013 General Assembly convenes in January. But Republican floor leader Jeff Hoover wants to take up other issues, such as public pension reform first, the Lexington Hearld-Leader’s Jack Brammer reported.


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