The Chatter: Kentucky featured on Nightline report on meth; Gray says Rupp could get a facelift

12/01/2011 08:07 AM

Kentucky served as the setting for ABC’s Nightline report Wednesday night on the scourge of methamphetamine in rural America.

The news program followed an Operation UNITE task force in London, Ky., as the team tracked purchases of cold medicine containing the key ingredient for meth: pseudoephedrine.

The task force made several arrests and the pharmacies they were watching sold out of the cold medicine that day. Officials told the program 70 percent of the cold medicine bought that day would likely be used by meth makers.

Some legislators, especially those in that area of southeastern Kentucky, pushed to make cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine a prescription only.

But that legislation failed after drug makers ran radio ads across the state opposing the move.

The Health Care Products Association representing drug manufacturers has come out in favor of what is being billed as a compromise proposal for 2012 — a bill pushed by Democratic Rep. Brent Yonts of Greenville that would require anyone with a drug conviction to get a prescription for medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

But law enforcement agents have said that won’t do enough because many “smurfers” don’t have criminal records. They are recruited and paid by meth makers to collect the maximum amount of pseudoephedrine that can be purchased legally.

Gray lays out plan for Rupp Renovation

It appears Lexington is pointing toward a renovation of Rupp Arena instead of a new structure, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray told state lawmakers this week.

And in an interview with Pure Politics’ sister show, KSTV, Gray laid out Lexington’s arena plans.

-Compiled by Kenny Colston with video by Greg Pursifull


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