The Chatter: Kentuckians top Capitol Hill survey for being partisan and partiers

09/11/2012 09:04 AM

Mitch McConnell, the workhorse … and Rand Paul the party animal?

The Washingtonian surveyed of hundreds of Capitol Hill staffers to see which member of the House and Senate fit each descriptive superlative they wanted to give. (To read the full article and to see an amusing photo illustration that includes McConnell in an elephant suit, visit The Washingtonian)

Kentucky’s U.S. Senators and one of its congressmen featured prominently in the magazine’s Best and Worst of Congress 2012.

Congressman Brett Guthrie: – Congressman Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green was mentioned as among the nicest GOP member of Congress. Democratic Congressman Lois Capps of California was named the repeat winner of the title, but Guthrie was cited for getting a lot of votes as well.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell:
The Republican leader of the Senate topped the survey in a range of categories. – McConnell tied for the number one spot for the title of “workhorse” with Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. The article reported the votes were very partisan. – The “wisest” member of the Senate was also a title given to Mitch McConnell as he came in first with a four-way tie behind him for second place. – Democrats focused in on the GOP Senate leader for the “most partisan” member. Republicans voted in a similar fashion, but Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came in third place.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul
Kentucky’s Junior Sen. Rand Paul is known for being outspoken. And the survey reflected that. – First, Senator Paul placed second in the “showhorse” category with mostly votes from GOP staffers. This title was based on who is in the media the most. – Paul also was named “biggest disappointment” with fellow freshman Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida coming in second. – Party Animal was one that had three Republican members in the running. A tie for first place and then Paul in second. The article says it could be because Paul is known as a “Tea Party animal” or that it could be because of his college years. – And finally, Paul was the only member of the Senate (when most categories have at least two members named) to be mentioned as the “most clueless” and received votes from both sides of the aisle.


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