The Chatter: Jack Conway pushing more ads to TV in final weeks of campaign

10/15/2015 02:03 PM

With Election Day drawing near, one gubernatorial candidate is starting to pour even more money into the television ad time.

According to an analysis by The Center for Public Integrity, Democratic candidate Jack Conway has spent $2.5 million to air more than 7,000 television advertisements.

Conway is not only outspending his Republican opponent Matt Bevin, who has spent $1.3 million to air 4,500 campaign ads, he is also significantly increasing how much he is spending going into the homestretch.

Conway’s total spending jumped $800,000 from two weeks ago, while Bevin’s total spending on TV ads only jumped $200,000 from two weeks prior, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

Conway also has more money left to spend. According to the latest campaign finance disclosure reports, Conway has $2.3 million remaining while Bevin has a little more than $674,000 left – most of which is coming from his own pocket.

The Center for Public Integrity has created a 2015 state ad tracker on their website so voters can see the breakdown of not only how much has been spent on television advertisements but also who is doing the spending. The tracker shows not only the money campaigns have poured into advertisements but also what super PACs have spent as well.

The money spent on TV ads is plotted on a timeline that goes through the primaries up to November 3. It shows how groups increased or decreased the amount they spent on television ads throughout the election.

The Center updates their chart every Thursday.


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