The Chatter: Grimes new ad touts time as Secretary of State, more questions about bus, hits McConnell on MSNBC

08/29/2014 11:50 AM

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is taking a break from her series of ads hitting Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell on votes he has taken to introduce herself to voters in a new positive television ad.

The thirty-second spot which began running in the state Friday is titled “It’s Time” and focuses on Grimes’ tenure as Secretary of State and her legal background to say it is time for Kentucky to have a new U.S. Senator.

In the ad, Grimes plays the starring role looking into the camera talking about her achievements. About her time as Secretary of State, Grimes says she knows what it takes to bring jobs to the state and brings up the military voting bill she championed in the 2013 session that passed the legislature but had some of its provisions stripped in the legislative process.

“I worked to pass landmark legislation guaranteeing military votes would be counted, bringing Republicans and Democrats together,” Grimes says about her time as Secretary of State. “And as a volunteer lawyer for victims of domestic violence, I know how to fight for those with no voice. And win.”

Grimes hits McConnell on MSNBC
In an appearance on MSNBC Thursday evening, Grimes went after McConnell on issues like the minimum wage, education and a recording of McConnell speaking at a Koch brothers event.

Much of Grimes interview with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell focused on a recording of McConnell released this week of the senator speaking at a conservative summit organized by the Koch brothers where McConnell talks strategy and policies like the minimum wage, health care and reigning in regulations from the EPA.

Grimes said in the interview that the recordings are clear evidence that McConnell only looks out for the rich and not with the needs of Kentuckians.

“What these tapes reveal is that if re-elected, he won’t even consider a vote to increase the minimum wage, he won’t even consider a vote on extending unemployment benefits, he won’t even consider making college more affordable for our students,” Grimes said in the interview.

During the interview, Grimes was asked what policies she disagrees with President Barack Obama on. In response, Grimes talked about McConnell’s desire to run the race against anyone but her by trying to tie her to the president and other prominent Democrats but she did not list any issues she disagreed with the president on.

“Well, Mitch McConnell wants to run this race against anyone but me. He’s tried to link me to every national figure that’s out there, that disagrees with the interest of Kentucky. But what he won’t tell the people of Kentucky and indeed this nation is the gridlock, the mess that he’s created in Washington. Well it’s why the President is wrongly ruling by executive order. The people of Kentucky they know that I’m a strong, independent Kentucky woman who will do what’s right for the people of this state,” Grimes said in response to the question.

In a statement Friday morning, the McConnell campaign said the way Grimes skipped over the question was proof of where she would stand if elected.

“As the Obama administration is waging a war on coal and killing Kentucky jobs, Alison Lundergan Grimes can’t name a single policy where she and Obama disagree. Alison Lundergan Grimes made clear on national television that she is Barack Obama’s Kentucky candidate because she supports President Obama and will vote to implement his liberal, anti-coal agenda,” McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore said in the statement.

More questions over Grimes campaign bus
Just when it seemed that the controversy over the 45-foot bus the Grimes campaign is renting from her father’s company was dying down, new reports show the company may not even have the correct permits to carry passengers.

A new report by Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Joe Gerth says that Signature Special Events Services, the company owned by Grimes’ father Jerry Lundergan, does not have a permit to carry passengers.

The news comes after the confusion from the company over whether or not they provide transportation services to other people where the company finally said that they do have other vehicles for rent.

From the Courier-Journal report:

According to a search of a U.S. Department of Transportation database, Signature Special Events Services, a subsidiary of The Lundergan Group that owns the bus, is certified only to haul equipment in its vehicles and not people. The same is true of The Lundergan Group.

Furthermore, a search of a list of companies certified by the state Transportation Cabinet to carry passengers by taxi, limousine or bus doesn’t list any Lundergan companies.

Chuck Wolfe, a spokesman for the state Transportation Cabinet, said that when the cabinet learns that an operator is operating without the proper permits — usually following a complaint from a competitor — it sends the company a letter telling it to apply for the proper certifications.

If the operator still fails to comply, Wolfe said the state would then send a “cease and desist” letter and ask a judge to order the business to stop operating illegally.


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