The Chatter: Democrats lose state House seat; NEA airs ad against Paul; and a rare pro-Obama mailing is out

10/27/2010 03:15 PM

Democrats in the state House already are down one seat for this year’s up-coming election thanks to a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge ruling the Democrats’ candidate ineligible because of an invalid signature on his election petition, the Courier-Journal reports.

The candidate, Jeff Donohue, had a signature on his petition from someone who lived outside the 38th district in southwestern Jefferson County where Donohue was running.

Donohue was running to replace retiring Democratic Rep. Ron Weston. Instead, Republican Wade Hurt will automatically win the seat unless Donohue wins his planned appeal.

Outside group airs new ad against Paul

The National Education Association has started airing ads against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul, Jake Payne of reports. Like other third parties, the group is trying to paint Paul as “extreme.”

Pro-Obama pamphlet hits mailboxes

Some Democratic candidates have tried to distance themselves from President Barack Obama, while Republicans have been running against him.

One national group ┬áhas come to his defense. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has started a mailer in Louisville that encourages voters to “fight back,” against Obama, who is “under attack.”

The mail piece reminds voters of the large African-American turnout in the 2008 election, which Obama won.

In many places, including Kentucky, Republicans are trying to place their opponents as pawns of Obama, who is viewed as unpopular in many states.

-Compiled by Kenny Colston


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