The Chatter: Bob Farmer's ABCs, Richie Farmer's TVs and more

09/23/2011 12:37 PM

As a comedian, Bob Farmer is usually good for an interesting line while on the campaign trail. And his comedy routine about Eastern Kentucky has already made its way into his race for agriculture commissioner.

But Farmer’s latest line seems to make some sense and it’s literally as easy as A-B-C.

Farmer’s TVs

Speaking of a Farmer, current Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer is coming under fire for the purchase of two 60-inch TVs purchased by his department last year, according to Courier-Journal reporter Tom Loftus.

The TVs, one in Farmer’s office and one in a conference room across the hall, were purchased to replace a projector that was damaged.

Groups on both sides of the political spectrum are questioning the purchase, but Farmer’s spokesman, Bill Clary, said the TVs help make meetings more functional.

P’Pool’s complaint

Republican Attorney General Todd P’Pool is brushing off news reported by the Associated Press about a police complaint filed 10 years ago that names P’Pool.

The AP doesn’t describe details of the complaint because they weren’t available, but P’Pool said what happened was a “family disagreement” with his aunt-in-law.

P’Pool noted that Democratic challengers to his Hopkins County Attorney position have tried to use the complaint against him before and it hasn’t been effective.


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