The Chatter: Barr and Jensen release first ads of campaign focused on position in Congress

09/04/2014 11:14 AM

The candidates in the sixth district Congressional race are introducing themselves to the voters of the area with their first ads of the cycle released just one day apart.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, released two ads Wednesday marking his first ads of the election cycle. In the first ad, the messaging revolves around the title of the ad as it looks to say Barr is protecting “Our Home” in Congress.

“This is our home, our values, and Andy Barr is protecting them,” the announcer says in the ad going on to bring up the topics of values, family and future and listing reasons they say Barr is defending the state.

Democratic candidate Elisabeth Jensen’s first ad, titled “Kentucky Jobs,” hits Barr on issues like the minimum wage and job creation in the state as she echoes some of the same messages used by Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes.

“Congressman Andy Barr doesn’t think it’s his job to create jobs,” Jensen says as she continues by saying that she will make it her job to create more better paying jobs in the state.

“I’ll increase job training, raise the minimum wage, and fight tax breaks for big companies that ship jobs overseas” Jensen says directly to the voters. “Since Andy Barr won’t do his job, I will.”

The clip of a KET debate used at the beginning of the Jensen ad shows Barr saying it is not the government’s job to create jobs but the clip cuts off before KET host Bill Goodman asks Barr if the federal government can assist at the state and local levels.

“The government can create an environment in which the private sector creates jobs, the problem with our current economy and our jobs crisis is that the government is over-regulating, overtaxing, and spending too much money and displacing private economic activity,” Barr says in response to Goodman’s question.

Barr also released another ad Wednesday starring his wife who says that while he is now a member of Congress, he is still the man he was when he entered the new position and says that taking care of his family and the people of Kentucky are still a priority of his.

“Andy is still the same man I married six years ago, the man so many people here have gotten to know. Honest, genuine and caring,” Carol Barr says in the ad.


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