The Away Games: Republican gubernatorial candidates test messages outside home bases

05/12/2011 02:53 PM

One Republican candidate for governor says he plans to win in the backyard of his two opponents. Another has been a top vote-getter in Kentucky’s most populous county and has mostly campaigned there. And the third candidate has adopted a different region from where he lives as his home base.

Pure Politics has been out on the campaign tracking the candidates — especially as they campaigned outside of their geographic comfort zones.

Williams won’t concede Louisville

David Williams, the Republican state Senate president, decided to launch his bus tour earlier this month in Louisville said he’s not giving up on winning Jefferson County in Tuesday’s gubernatorial primary. Take a look at the Pure Politics report:

Moffett goes far and wide to find support

Phil Moffett, a Louisville businessman, has billed himself and tea party candidate. With Holsclaw, the Jefferson County Clerk, in the three person primary, Moffett has to share his home county when it comes to support.

So that left the question, what is Moffett’s electoral home and where would be unfriendly territory?

Holsclaw keeps to familiar area

Bobbie Holsclaw, the Jefferson County clerk, was the last of the three to get in the GOP gubernatorial field. She announced in late January just before the filing deadline while Moffett and Williams had been running since the end of last summer.

Holsclaw also hasn’t campaigned around the state as much as the other two. Outside of a one-time visits to places like Bowling Green, Owensboro and Lexington, Holsclaw has been staying close to home.

With five days left until the primary, the three candidates with three different strategies are pushing one last time to make their case.

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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