Thayer believes General Assembly must focus on handful of important issues in 2017

12/22/2016 03:14 PM

As Republicans get ready to take over the General Assembly as the majority for the first time in 95 years, GOP leaders say that it’s time to give the people of Kentucky what they wanted when they chose to vote Republican.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, believes that the Senate, House and Gov. Matt Bevin need to be partners in delivering on the promises that they made to the voters of the commonwealth.

“I think during a 30 day session, we have to focus on a handful of really important issues that will unleash the economic giant that Kentucky deserves to be, and will be once we unleash the shackles that have been put on us by years of inertia in Frankfort,” Thayer said.

Thayer, who has served in the Senate since 2003, says issues like repealing prevailing wage for public construction projects, right to work, school choice, and some form of tort reform should all be on the table when the new session begins on January 3.

“It’s time for us to lead,” Thayer said. “We don’t have Greg Stumbo or Steve Beshear to blame it on anymore, the people have given us a great deal of responsibility and they put their confidence in us to deliver for them.”

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  • Ronald J. Ward wrote on December 22, 2016 06:40 PM :

    I’m just not hearing this insistence from workers to have their wages lowered nor am I hearing an outcry from the store owners for their customers to have less money to spend.

  • Geoff Young wrote on December 23, 2016 09:19 AM :

    Too bad Jack Conway (D) was such an incompetent politician in 2014-15. As his only opponent in the May 2015 primary for Governor, I think I might’ve been able to beat the far right-wing Matt Bevin if the Ky Dem Party hadn’t (allegedly) broken Kentucky’s election laws and illegally installed Conway as our nominee. If I hadn’t been able to beat Bevin, I would have lost by a much narrower margin than the allegedly crooked Conway. Great job, KDP top “leaders”! It’s your fault if this proposed right-wing, destructive agenda gets implemented. You blew it in 2015 and this year, and you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still totally clueless about how to defeat Republicans. The word “ignorant” applies too, because you have no desire to learn anything.

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