Teacher incentive pay -- not charter schools -- is worth trying, House Education chairman says

03/12/2012 07:32 AM

Rather than allowing charter schools in Kentucky, House Education Chairman Carl Rolllins said he’d like to see “incentive pay” used to attract the best teachers to struggling schools.

“The way we reward teachers for doing a good job — and the longer they stay — is they get the better students. What we really need to do is find a way to get the better teachers to the students who need them the most,” Rollins, a Democrat from Midway, said on Pure Politics last week.

Rollins made a pitch for his bill to redo the teacher evaluation system so that it includes student input and teachers grading each other instead of just the principals observing teachers once every three years.

But he also said “incentive pay” to attract the best teachers to the classes with struggling students also would help.

“If they would teach the students who need them the most, be willing to move and do that, then yes, they should get additional pay. There should be some compensation for being willing to go outside the normal reward system,” Rollins said.

Also, the legislature is once again considering a bill that would allow some students to enroll in technical colleges as an alternative to regular classes. That bill, sponsored by Republican Sen. Jack Westwood has come up short the previous four sessions. Find out what Rollins says about it at 5:00 of the video:


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