Talkin' redistricting: Blogger Joe Sonka shares his political analysis of potential map

03/29/2011 06:58 PM

The congressional districts that lawmakers draw could influence how the members of Congress vote — or at least that’s the hope of one liberal-leaning blogger.

Joe Sonka, author of the Barefoot and Progessive site, said he thought there was “a slight chance” of Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler siding more with Democrats if he represented a more solidly Democratic district. (The National Journal recently rated Chandler as being at the ideological center of the U.S. House in 2010.)

Pure Politics, last week, drew up a couple of potential congressional maps here and “here with the “Incumbent Entrenchment” model.”:

Sonka then conducted a political analysis based on later set of maps on his site, Barefoot and Progessive, last week.

In his analysis, he calculated that Chandler might have won re-election last November by around 10,000 votes over Republican challenger Andy Barr instead of just 648.

“In that incumbent entrenchment model that you made, Chandler’s not necessarily going to be safe in the coming years, but he’s going to be a little more comfortable,” Sonka said.

Sonka, who is liberal, said he thought there would be a “slight chance” Chandler might shift politically toward the left if he had a more solidly Democratic district.

The state legislature must redraw the congressional, state legislative and judicial district lines before the 2012 filing deadline for candidates.

Former Democratic state representative and one-time congressman Mike Ward talked about the redistricting process on Friday’s edition of Pure Politics.

Over the coming months, Pure Politics will be conducting interviews with Republicans, Democrats and analysts about the redistricting process — what it means for incumbents, challengers and voters.

- Ryan Alessi


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