Taking a quantitative look at Rep. Thomas Massie's record

09/13/2018 04:35 PM

LOUISVILLE- In a new segment, Pure Politics will be looking at the bills Kentucky’s federal lawmakers have filed and passed into law.

Passing laws is just a small part of a Congress person’s job, and often even when they do have a bill, that bill will be rolled into a larger bill and move through Congress that way. However, this is a quantitative way to look at the work legislators have been doing, and also what sort of bills they have been showing interest in.
To research that, Spectrum News used the non-partisan website, GovTrack and then double-checked those figures on Congress’ website.
Congressman Massie has been in office since 2012 and so far has no bills signed into law on their own, without being rolled into other, larger bills.
The Republican Congressman from Northern Kentucky has sponsored 22 bills total. Most of those have been about agriculture, with crime also a big issue for him.
While he hasn’t had a bill pass yet, there is one that has been referred to a subcommittee, so that could become a law if it keeps making its way through the system.
Massie wasn’t available for an interview, but his office sent us video from a web series called the Swamp, where the congressman explains why he thinks his bills aren’t making their way to committee.
In the segment, Massie said, “You don’t make your payments at the [National Republican Congressional Committee], you don’t get your bills on the floor. But occasionally, you come up with an idea that’s so good, they can’t pass it up, so they bring it to the floor with their name on it. They just take yours off and put theirs on it.”
In the segment, Representative Rod Blum from Iowa asked if that had actually happened to Massie.
Massie responded, “This happened this week to me and Walter Jones [R- North Carolina].” He explained, “We found out that the tax payer pays for the Speaker [of the House] to have an office after he leaves Congress. So, we said this is ridiculous if you’re not even an elected official. We introduced a bill two Congresses in a row to get rid of this.” Massie says the idea was laughed off by others, but then added “Now, Paul Ryan’s turning around, taking credit for getting it done last week. Because, they don’t want us to get any credit back home, because they’re going to turn it around and use their Super-PAC to come to our districts and say he can’t get anything done. Well, after they’ve stolen our idea.”
While Kentucky’s lone Democrat, John Yarmuth votes with President Trump the least, Representative Massie votes with him the least out of the Commonwealth’s House Republicans.
They only vote the same about 61 percent of the time. They’ve differed when it comes to emergency budget agreements, healthcare and hurricane relief just to name a few.


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