Taking a quantitative look at Rep. James Comer's record

09/13/2018 04:32 PM

LOUISVILLE- In a new segment, Pure Politics will be looking at the bills Kentucky’s federal lawmakers have filed and passed into law.

Passing laws is just a small part of a Congress person’s job, and often even when they do have a bill, that bill will be rolled into a larger bill and move through Congress that way. However, this is a quantitative way to look at the work legislators have been doing, and also what sort of bills they have been showing interest in.
To research that, Spectrum News used the non-partisan website, GovTrack and then double-checked those figures on Congress’ website.
Representative James Comer just took office 2 years ago, so his record is smaller than some of Kentucky’s other lawmakers.
Comer has been the sponsor of four bills. One of them has passed the House and will now go to the Senate.
That bill is about government operations. In it, Comer proposes changing appointments to the competitive service and initial appointments as supervisors and managers from one year to two years after the completion of required training and licensing.
The congressman wasn’t available for an interview, but in a statement said quote
“My top priority has always been to serve the needs of my constituents in the First District of Kentucky. First and foremost, this means listening to the people I represent. For that reason, I was proud to host a townhall meeting in each of the 35 counties that make up the First District during my first year in office.” He continued, saying “The input I receive from my constituents guides my work in Washington, DC and informs how I vote, what questions I ask in committee hearings, and the issues I raise with various government agencies.”
As for how often he votes with President Trump, the website 538.com calculated that he does about 92 percent of the time.
Since the president took office they have had differing votes 7 times. Those were about things like hurricane relief, Russian sanctions and budget and immigration items.


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