Supporters of making pseudoephedrine a prescription to look for 'alternatives' as Stivers withdraws bill

02/24/2012 07:05 AM

Senate Republican Floor Leader Robert Stivers not only pulled the pseudoephedrine bill he sponsored off Thursday’s agenda but withdrew it completely and said he and supporters of the measure to curb methamphetamine will look for “alternatives” next week.

Stivers told reporters after the Senate adjourned Thursday that he and others, including Sen. Tom Jensen of London, hope to come back with a new approach to curtail the production of meth. Pseudoephedrine is found in many cold and allergy medicines and is a key ingredient in meth.

Stivers and Jensen, the Senate judiciary committee chairman, were pushing to require that Kentuckians would have to get prescriptions for cold medicines with pseudoephedrine. But that approach was met with staunch opposition from consumers and over-the-counter drug makers.

Stivers said it was clear he would have to change tactics to get something passed.

“You have to be pragmatic and practical about what you do,” Stivers said.

March 5 is the last day for new Senate bills to be filed.


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