Super PAC founder Ramsey 'disinterested' in the political system, despite $1 million investment

05/24/2012 08:08 AM

John Ramsey said in founding a super PAC with about $1 million of his own money, he hoped to affect humanitarian issues around the world, starting with backing specific candidates.

Ramsey, a student from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, put in $1 million of money he inherited from his late grandfather into the Liberty for All Super PAC, including $500,00 that went to support Thomas Massie in Tuesday’s Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District. In all, the super PAC spent more than $560,000 on ads and mailers for Massie.

Ramsey said he met Massie for the first time Wednesday — the day after Massie won the GOP nomination in the 4th District. But Ramsey distanced himself from the political decisions of the organization.

“Frankly, I’m pretty disinterested in the way the political system works. And going forward, that’s what the staff is for,” he said (1:00 of the interview) referring to executive director Preston Bates, a former Democrat from Louisville. The PAC also had 10 other staff working out of its Bellevue office, which will remain open through the rest of the year.

Ramsey said he formed the super PAC to support candidates who, like him, believe government should stay “out of the bedroom and the bank account.” That includes candidates who don’t want to ban gay marriage. (3:30)

“I would like to see a candidate who doesn’t assert their values on anyone else. I don’t think a candidate would want me or possibly have a homosexual person assert their values on them, so what gives them authority to assert their values,” he said. “It’s none of government’s business. I don’t think government should be involved in marriage.”


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