Super PAC action in U.S. Senate race to ramp up immediately after primary

05/20/2014 11:05 AM

UPDATED: Independent expenditure groups on both sides are gearing up for the General Election and buying up airtime for the days and weeks immediately after Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primary.

The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, which is an issues based group and can’t support a candidate, is buying $4.66 million in ad time from June 5 through August 25.

Kentuckians for Strong Leadership — a super PAC that is supporting Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell — also is pumping $575,000 more to extend the running of an ad that is already on-air criticizing Alison Lundergan Grimes. The ad which seeks to tie Grimes to President Barack Obama has already sparked the ire Grimes’ campaign as the group seeks to define Grimes before she can fully introduce herself to voters.

Scott Jennings, a senior advisor for the groups, confirmed the amount of the ad buys to Pure Politics, but wold not speak to the content of the ads for the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition ads.

On Tuesday, Kentuckians for Strong Leadership rolled out their latest ad in the $575,000 buy which is slated to start running on TV Wednesday morning. The ad, which is running on cable and broadcast in Kentucky, is aimed at Grimes’ Hollywood donors.

“Her liberal supporters—from Michelle Obama to the biggest left wingers in Hollywood—tell us that Grimes winning this election is ‘critical’ to pushing President Obama’s agenda in the Senate,” said Jennings in a press release. “If Grimes wins, the Obama agenda moves forward. If she loses, the Obama agenda is stopped. It’s that simple this November.”

Meanwhile, CREDO , a Democratic super PAC, is meeting with activists in Louisville immediately after the primary to focus on the next phase of the group’s efforts to unseat McConnell.

The group, based in San Francisco, sent out an invitation to Kentucky-area activists to meet with the super PAC’s president, Becky Bond, on Wednesday — the day after the primary. CREDO reported more than $750,000 in its annual report, which was filed with the Federal Election Commission in April.


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