Stivers says bill concerning board of trustees of all state universities could see action when session resumes in February

01/09/2017 03:08 PM

FRANKFORT – After a fast paced first week in the General Assembly, Senate President Robert Stivers feels pleased with the passing of a number of bills which have been a priority for the GOP and admits that there’s still plenty of work to be done when lawmakers come back to Frankfort for part two of the 30-day session on February 7.

Some have questioned the swift passage of bills, but Stivers says that has been a practice that the Senate has employed for a number of years.

“It is not unprecedented from what the Senate has done,” Stivers said. “It may be unprecedented for the House, and if you remember two years ago, then Speaker Stumbo said we need to move and adapt and become more like the Senate instead of organizing and wasting four or five days. Speaker Hoover took that up.”

Stivers says that there will be plenty to do the last 25 days of the session and one of his top priorities will be a bill that he’s sponsoring concerning the makeup of the governing bodies for all state universities.

“There will be clarity to the statutes as to what the governor’s authority is for removal of boards, board members, for cause and for improper appointment, and also Senate confirmation to all college boards and universities” Stivers said. “I think this is a process that SACS would look favorably upon.”

Stivers indicated another item which could see attention is moving the gubernatorial and constitutional office elections to even number years.


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