Stivers putting finishing touches on bill giving governor power to remove members from state university boards

02/08/2017 03:27 PM

FRANKFORT – Senate President Robert Stivers told members of the Senate State Committee on Local Government that he is putting the final touches on SB 107, a bill which would permit the governor or another appointing authority to remove and replace certain board or council appointments at all of the state’s colleges and universities.

Stivers told committee members Wednesday that one concern that he’s heard is that the bill gives the governor too much power. The Manchester Republican pointed to legislation in Virginia passed by a Republican General Assembly which gave Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe the same powers.

“Virginia enacted last year a law that basically gave the governor the ultimate authority, and it even says that he shall be the sole authority and judge,” Stivers said. “This does not rise to the level of an accreditation issue and I think some reporting and other things have created that impression. It is not.”

One concern that will not be addressed in SB107 is the actions of the universities foundations when it comes to expenditures. Stivers specifically has concerns about how the University of Louisville Foundation spent money, and says that future legislation could address that.

“People didn’t know that salaries were being paid out, readily transferred between the university and the foundation and back to the foundation, or back to the university, and the board didn’t have any idea that this was going on,” Stivers said. “There’s a plethora of issues out there.”

Stivers expects SB107 to be passed out of committee next week.


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