State turns old U.S. Army installation into a facility which supports military, creates economic boon in central Ky.

10/09/2015 02:12 PM

LEXINGTON — Bluegrass Station, a 777-acre, fully secure industrial park that accommodates military contractors and supports this country’s defense-related businesses is one of the key economic drivers in the Lexington area.

The former U.S. Army installation, which has been owned by the state since 1995, has over 2 million square feet of office and commercial space in approximately 115 buildings, accommodates military contractors which supports American defense-related businesses.

Retired National Guard Major General Steve Collins, who serves a director of Bluegrass Station, says that the base serves U.S. Army Reserve components.

“All of the reserve components get their uniforms from here,” Collins said. “Other customers support first responders, first military responders in each state of our nation.”

The number of employees at Bluegrass Station varies by the number of ongoing missions at any one time. The highest number has been 2,900. The current number is around 2500.

The economic benefits for the state and Fayette County are huge.

“The economic impact is over $200 million a year,” Collins said. “With the amount of money the federal government spends, the number of employees that their contractors employ, just the direct benefits in terms of state income tax is over $7 million a year, just going to the commonwealth.”

Fayette County receives nearly $3 million in tax revenue, he said.

Bluegrass Station was constructed as as a major Army depot in support of war efforts during World War II. The depot once housed 275 German prisoners of war from 1945 through 1946.


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