State board of elections executive and assistant director terminated in closed door meeting

10/25/2017 05:20 PM

UPDATED FRANKFORT – The State Board of Elections is looking for new leadership after both Executive Director Mayellen Allen, a Democrat, and assistant director Matt Selph, a Republican, were terminated late Tuesday afternoon by its Board of Directors.

Neither members of the Board of Election of the Secretary of State are free to talk about personnel matters, however Selph, who was terminated on Tuesday did speak with Pure Politics.

“I feel my termination today is the result of a direct act of retaliation by the Kentucky Secretary of State for concerns I voiced during my tenure as assistant to the director of the State Board of Elections,” Selph said in a statement. “I have been given no reason or explanation for my termination. I was not afforded any opportunity to address any accusations.”

Selph is a retired Army 1st Sgt. with more than 20-years of experience with the Department of Defense, he was hired in 2014 to oversee the implementation of a new ballot delivery system for military and overseas voters. Being part of the military he is also accustom to following protocol, which includes taking detailed notes.

On October 21, he sent a 17 page letter, outlining all of his concerns to all members of the State Election Board of Directors, three days later he was fired. Grimes, the chair of the board, asserted that she has not received that letter as of Thursday morning.

In the letter, Selph claims the Secretary of State’s office has effectively strangled the State Board of Elections, essentially making it just another branch of the constitutional office.

Selph outlines eight separate issues in detail in which he alleges unauthorized access of voter information data, wasted or misused resources for website design and contracts issued without board approval.

In his statement to Pure Politics he says “other issues I raised included the possible abuse of power by the Secretary’s office in accessing voter databases.”

Selph went on the record with his concerns this summer with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission and he is considering legal action.

Grimes’ spokesperson Bradford Queen responded to the claims on Thursday evening in a statement saying Grimes has always obtained voter information in the same manner as any other duly qualified candidate.

“Candidates for office in Kentucky have a number of available alternatives to obtain voter data, including purchasing it from the State Board of Elections or receiving it from political parties,” Queen said. “As a result, in her capacity as a candidate, Secretary Grimes would have no reason to obtain voter data by other means.

“Mr. Selph’s allegations regarding the Commonwealth’s contract with CyberScout are in direct contradiction of the facts,” Queen continued. “Minutes from the Feb. 21, 2017, State Board of Elections meeting reflect that the Board took appropriate action to engage with the vendor. Further, neither the Secretary of State’s Office nor the Board of Elections awards contracts; the Finance and Administration Cabinet approves all contracts into which the Commonwealth enters, and did so in this case.”

Queen said that the vote of the Board of Elections to end the employment of Allen and Selph was “bipartisan and did not include the vote of Secretary Grimes.”

Reporting by Richard Essex



  • Geoff Young for Congress wrote on October 26, 2017 07:10 AM :

    Fascinating story. In my personal experience and in official court documents, I have accused Alison Lundergan Grimes of massive election fraud: conspiracy to rig and steal the entire 2015 “Democratic” primary for Governor. I have implied, in writing, that Maryellen Allen (D) actively helped Grimes cover up that massive crime for more than 2 years, but I never named her as a Defendant, only a future witness.

    It seems possible to me that the Board of Elections wanted to appear “evenhanded” by firing one Repub and one Dem. It’s possible that Matt Selph was wrongly terminated, and that another thing the Board should have done was to file a report with the FBI about criminal wrongdoing by Grimes (D) over a 2-year period. Maybe they actually did that without announcing it to the public. I have no way to know.

    I’ve also accused Grimes of conspiring to steal the Dem primary for the US House in KY-6, and that alleged conspiracy is still active TODAY. My civil case is now before the Federal Appeals Court – 6th District – in Cincinnati.

  • Ricky Lee Williams Jr. wrote on October 26, 2017 09:04 AM :

    Mr. and Mrs. Sec of State needs to have a set down meeting with Big Daddy Jerry. ASAP. They need to tell Jerry they want to begin a family and get out of politics before the ship finally skinks. If Big Daddy says no , then show him a few shows of ( Orange is the New Black ) series on Netflix. Shouldn’t take very many episodes before Daddy Jerry understands the jig is up and he wouldn’t like his pride and joy being in such a place because of his ambitions for political power and money.. Throw in the towel now Alison before you have no choice.. RL

  • Heza Putz wrote on October 26, 2017 12:41 PM :

    Alison was so confident she would be going to Washington with the Clinton administration that daddy bought her a townhouse in DC. Oh well, the rental market in the swamp is strong.

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