Speaker Stumbo says he agrees with Sen. Manchin on need for national debate on guns, video games

12/28/2012 04:18 PM

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo, a self-described ardent NRA supporter, said he agrees with West Virginia U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin that the United States must have an “adult discussion” about ways to curb gun violence.

During a wide-ranging news conference Friday, Stumbo answered a question about school safety measures and gun control in the wake of the Dec. 14 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in which a gunman killed 26 students, teachers and staff.

Stumbo said the debate needs to happen on a national scale — similar to what Gov. Steve Beshear has said.

He said paying for armed guards at every school is probably not the answer.

As a Democrat from Prestonsburg — which is not far from the West Virginia line — Stumbo’s nod to Manchin is further evidence that conservative Democrats from rural areas are increasingly open to gun control measures. Manchin “told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Dec. 17”:http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/gun-control-nra-joe-manchin-time-to-act-85162.html that he wanted to see the NRA join the debate over responsible gun measures, although Manchin — like Stumbo — declined to cite specific limitations on automatic weapons or clip size that he would support.

Stumbo, the former Kentucky attorney general who has served as Speaker since 2009, also said he blames video games for helping to train mass killers who otherwise wouldn’t be capable of killing so many people so quickly.

But he said there’s little the Kentucky General Assembly would likely be able to do to limit or tighten regulations on who can purchase video games. That, he said, is something Congress must decide.

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  • Bruce Layne wrote on December 29, 2012 10:37 AM :

    I’m bothered by Mr. Stumbo’s repeated deferral to the federal government. He wants a national discussion about gun laws, presumably resulting in even more federal gun laws, and he states that we even need a national discussion about video games with violent content, possibly implying a federal law restricting video game content or sales?

    At best, this is pass-the-buck politics, where a state politician can get some popular political support for wanting something to be done about a high profile media frenzy issue, without proposing anything specific that would necessarily be controversial and result in some lost votes.

    At worst, this reflects a complete lack of understanding of the tenth amendment to our US Constitution, which clearly states that the powers not specifically granted to the federal government by our Constitution are reserved to the people and the states. Hint: Gun control and video game regulation are not enumerated powers of any branch of the federal government, and all branches of the federal government are specifically forbidden by the 2nd amendment in our Bill of Rights from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms… not that it’s stopped them in the past.

  • Dismay wrote on December 29, 2012 11:54 AM :

    You really are kidding me right, VIDEO GAMES, just one more way to avoid real issues. What about the kids who don’t play video games or the thousands who do and never attempt anything.

    I remember a time when every kid have a toy gun strapped to their side and later whole army get up with grenades and all. The real reason this keeps happening is this generation. This generation has been taught there is no retribution. The schools have no control and most parents do not. Very few kids know what respect or fear of a good belt is.

    It used to be if a child was bullied in school they were sent to the office and either warned or got a whack from a paddle. When they got home they got it again. You have taken the power away from adults and given it to kids who cannot handle it. I have seen how kids talk to teachers and their parents. There can be loving discipline but the only reason it worked it because of follow-through from everyone in their lives. I can still remember still being a toddler playing in the road. A big man slammed on his brakes got out of his truck and spanked me. It scared me bad enough I never played in the road again.

    Another good excuse is labels. Oh they have ADHD, they were abused they this they that. Do people really think this has not been going on since the beginning of time? These things are good to know so kids have other avenues to thrive but not as an excuse. Call it what is, spoiled undisciplined kids who were not punished when they were children and suffer the consequences now. I always told my children if you’re not punished by me know you will be later. Funny when you think about it, the government keeps people from punishing their kids now but when they grow up they do not have a problem pushing them and they still can’t admit what one of the real problems are.

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