Some pharmacists, doctors say pseudoephedrine should move behind the counter

02/10/2011 07:32 PM

Requiring a prescription for pseudoephedrine as a way to make it more difficult for meth cooks to get a key ingredient has divided the state legislature.

Many lawmakers, especially those in southeastern Kentucky where meth labs are on the rise, are urgently trying to drum up the votes to support bills in the Senate and House aimed at pseudoephedrine.

Others say they’re concerned that requiring a prescription will make it more difficult and costly for Kentuckians to get access to common cold and alergy medicines containing the drug. Critics also have said it could slow down the tracking process of pseudoephedrine.

The result is a legislative statemate and a controversy that has brought out prominent players on all sides.

But beyond the legislative rhetoric, some pharmacists and law enforcement agents say adding the extra step of prescription is a necessary safeguard.

And one doctor told Pure Politics that some people with high blood pressures shouldn’t be taking medicine with pseudoephedrine in it anyway.

- Don Weber


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