Snodgrass ending term as longest serving clerk in Campbell County history

12/23/2014 05:57 PM

NEWPORT — It’s the end of an era in Campbell County as Jack Snodgrass ends his reign as Campbell County clerk at the end of the year after serving six terms in office.

The 70-year-old Snodgrass, who was first elected in November of 1989 after successfully running his family’s beer business for 17 years, is the longest serving clerk in county history.

The Democrat continued to get elected, even at a time when most of the county tilted conservative.

During his tenure, Snodgrass has seen the evolution of devices used to record votes.

“When we first came here, we had the old lever machines. They weighed 1200 pounds a piece,” Snodgrass said. “They were very accurate, but they had a 2-foot-by-40-foot roll the results were on.”

Snodgrass believes that the current paper ballot system used in Campbell County is the best that he’s seen.

“Not only is the vote tabulated on a memory card, but if something should happen to the memory card, you actually had the physical ballot in the machine that you could open up and physically count in case the electricity went out at the polling precinct or if a chip goes bad,” Snodgrass said.

Another reason Snodgrass believes that Democrats are at a disadvantage in Campbell County is the pull-one-lever vote used by voters to cast a straight-party ballot.

In the November 2014 election, 3,200 more Republicans in Campbell County voted straight party ticket than Democrats.

Republican Jim Luersen defeated Democrat Marc Meunch to replace Snodgrass by about 4,000 votes.


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