Smaller discretionary fund to come with receipts and transparency, Louisville Mayor Fischer says

06/24/2011 12:19 PM

While he never placed blame directly or said he was cleaning up messes left by former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says it’s natural when you come into a new office to find places for improvement.

Fischer compared taking over for the current Democratic Lt. Governor candidate’s administration to buying a new company and making changes to improve it.

One of the changes Fischer said he will make is cutting the mayor’s discretionary fund to $41,000, and making it transparent with receipts and a paper trail. He added that it was important for the mayor to have a small fund set aside to use for economic development or other opportunities that might pop up.

Some have charged that Abramson used the pool of money as a “slush fund” with little oversight or paperwork to document what the money was spent on.

“I’m a business person and entrepreneur. So I have bought companies before. I’ve started companies… so to me it’s no different from when you buy a company or you come in with a new team, you’re going to find stuff than can improve,” Fischer said. “So to me it’s natural. Nobody is perfect. No company or government is perfect. So the important thing is we have an improvement attitude together. So to me it’s natural and we’re going to find things a year or two years down the road that we can do better.” (see the 3:15 mark of the clip)

The Metropolitan Sewer District has been a source of controversy since Fischer took office. Fischer made changes to the MSD board, then asked for a management audit.

Fischer said he asked for the MSD audit because of questionable spending reported in the Louisville Courier-Journal, and a rate raise for the third consecutive year among other reasons.

“I know there is too many questions about it,” Fischer said. “So what’s important to me and Bud Schardein the director there and the board of directors, is that people feel like there is transparency, that there is accountability.” (see the 4:10 mark of the clip)


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