Senate sends House bill to require ultrasounds before abortions

02/05/2014 06:13 PM

With a 33-5 vote, the Senate moved forward with legislation that would require a woman seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound of the fetus and consult with a physician face to face.

“Fans of pro-choice legislation — if they continue to make the argument that a mother would feel shame or guilt … I believe that is a tacit agreement with me that that’s a life,” Westerfield said.

The debate on the bill was brief with Sen. Reginald Thomas, D-Lexington, questioning the constitutionality — and the need — for the bill.

“The vast majority of early termination of pregnancies that take place occur for women in the ages 20 through 29,” Thomas said. “Any woman in the state 20 to 29 understands what it means when she’s told that she’s pregnant.”

The only other debate on the bill came from Sen. Morgan McGarvey, D-Louisville, who simply asked if there is an exemption in the bill for cases of abortion and then took his seat — a move that clearly caught Westerfield off guard.

Voting against the bill were Democratic senators Thomas and Perry Clark, Denise Harper Angel, Gerald Neal and McGarvey, all of Louisville.

The full Senate has also already passed Senate Bill 3 , which would require women to get a face-to-face consultation with a physician before getting an abortion.


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