Senate's "skinny repeal" bill fails

07/28/2017 11:10 AM

The latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in the Senate with three Republican Senators voting against a plan known as the “skinny repeal.”

Republican Senators Susan Collins, R-Maine, Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and John McCain, R-Arizona, joined Democrats in voting down the measure in the early hours of Friday morning.

After the amendment failed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the floor to express his disappointment.

“So yes, this is a disappointment, a disappointment indeed,” McConnell said. “Our friends over in the House, we thank them as well. I regret that our efforts were not enough this time.”

Video Courtesy: C-SPAN

Kentucky’s lone Democratic Congressman, John Yarmuth, Louisville, released a statement calling on Republicans to help improve the ACA.

“As we move forward, it’s time for Congressional Republicans to listen to the American people and work with Democrats to improve and strengthen the Affordable Care Act,” Yarmuth said in a statement. “This doesn’t stop in Washington. Some states have successfully implemented the law, others have not. They all must play a role in replicating the parts of the ACA that are working well, while fixing the areas that aren’t. This issue is too important to let politics stand in the way.”

Our Washington bureau reporter Alberto Pimienta has a full recap of how the vote unfolded.

Madeline Janicki

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  • Heza Putz wrote on July 28, 2017 05:35 PM :

    If LBJ was the Republican Senate Majority Leader John “Crash” McCain would now be the Chairman of the Dempsey dumpsters.

  • Bill Adkins wrote on July 28, 2017 05:55 PM :

    As has the rest of the nation, I watched the convulsions ongoing in the US Senate as they attempted to deal with the complex issue that is health care. Political stunts, inflammatory rhetoric, lies, and the presidential threats. Mitch McConnell tried to herd cats. Rand Paul pushed a Desperation Repeal bill and, as usual, failed miserably. Donald Trump threatened Alaska. And a really chubby congressman named Blake Farenthold suggested he might challenge two female senators to a duel (I’ll be your huckleberry, congressman).


    Certainly no one can be impressed with the cluster that isDonald Trump: He has zero grasp on the issue, he has proven as clueless as anyone might be. Of course, that applies to any and every issue this nation faces – Donald Trump is as dim a bulb as has ever disgraced the Oval Office.

    That said, there is a solution. One that has the proven potential to reduce healthcare costs by as much as 50% and deliver a system with superior results while making healthcare available, not just accessible, to every American. It is a solution already proven successful globally in the great majority of industrialized nations. Single payer. It works. It’s worked for decades.

    But instead, Republicans market the illusion of a past that never was, when Robert Young knew best and Donna Reed made sure dinner was served as scheduled. It is long past time for the United States to embrace the future instead of the Republican freedumb, their delusional illusion about the past.

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