Senate resolution which addresses workforce training passes House committee

03/10/2015 06:01 PM

FRANKFORT – A Senate resolution designed to look at ways to better prepare Kentucky students for future jobs unanimously passed the House Committee on Education Tuesday.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 103, sponsored by Sen. David Givens, R-Greensburg, would establish the Kentucky Workforce Oversight Task Force, exclusively made up of legislators, which would study and develop recommendations concerning the benefits, investments, and funding of workforce education which is estimated at $900 million a year.

Givens referred to a workforce projection study done by Georgetown University that showed that by 2020, the United States will fall short in filling 5 million jobs because of a lack of skills for the positions.

“If we’re going to miss the mark, then the question needs to be asked, what are we doing today,” Givens said. “We’re spending $900 million annually on workforce education and it’s spent in a number of well-intentioned but largely segregated silos that may not be communicating with each other.”

Rep. James Kay, D-Versailles, inquired about the additional cost for the LRC to establish the task force. Although Givens didn’t have any specifics, he suggested that it would be minimal.

“I’m not hiring any outside consultants and I’m not recommending any outside consultants,” Givens said. “I’m suggesting that we use current LRC staff.”

Rep. George Brown, D-Lexington, questioned Givens on what the goals and objectives were of the task force. He added, regardless of the cost, the commonwealth must do the study for the benefit of its future workforce.

“We have to do it regardless of what the cost is,” said Brown. “There’s a genuine and sincere benefit to the citizens of the commonwealth to prepare for 2020 and prepare for 2030.”


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