Sen. Julie Denton files bill to allow use of cannabis oil for children with seizures

02/05/2014 05:37 PM

In her last session in the state Senate, Sen. Julie Denton, R-Louisville, says she wants to focus on helping “those in need” in part by passing legislation to allow children suffering from debilitating seizures to be treated with cannabis oil.

Denton, who has served in the Senate since 1995, chairs the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and Wednesday she announced on the Senate floor she would file the bill .

“I think this oil — which can save these children’s lives — potentially — is something we can rally around,” Denton said.

The cannabis oil, Denton said, would be administered as drops under the tongue. And unlike marijuana, the user “can’t get high on it,” she said.

Parents often face a life or death decision in the use of what’s currently classified under federal law as a schedule I drug.

“Those children will either die because they have so many seizures on a daily basis and medications cannot control them. Or they will be so developmentally disabled that they will have no quality of life,” Denton said.

Denton said there’s nothing she or other parents won’t do to get help for their children. Marijuana is currently on the list of controlled substances that have no “currently accepted” medicinal use.

Democratic Sen. Perry Clark of Louisville has filed medical marijuana bills the past two sessions in the Senate.

In the House Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, D-Louisville, told Pure Politics last week that she will soon file a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana in plant and oil form. Marzian’s bill will mark the first time any such legislation has ever been attempted in the House.

Twenty states currently permit the use of marijuana for medicinal use.


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