Satirical candidate campaigns for end to dark money and tougher ethics laws

08/07/2014 10:22 AM

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race has been estimated to be the most expensive race for Senate ever run in the country — with a price tag of $100 million coming from across the nation. Former President Bill Clinton said the political model is out of control, and another group is joining in on the issue by mocking politicians who are out for the money.

While campaigning at a fundraiser in Lexington on Wednesday for Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes former Clinton said the negative ads coming from across the border is no way for the country to restore shared prosperity.

“This political model of letting big out of state financial interest run a bunch of negative ads to warp peoples judgment get them to turn their brains off and vote in a snit or stay home in disgust is no way to run a great country,” Clinton said.

Joshua Graham Lynn, the program director for, is from Kentucky and he is also trying to change the model of how campaign finance works and how many outside groups can influence elections.

Lynn is going about his campaign by running a satirical candidate in the state — Honest Gil Fullbright who is raising awareness of the issue of dark money in politics.

“We are pushing for bold anti-corruption laws all over the country. We’re starting in cities and states getting the anti-corruption passed there redrawing the political map around the country and eventually pushing a wave of reforms around Washington,” Lynn said.

The legislation the group is pushing is the American Anti-Corruption Act which, Lynn said, would change ethics laws so people on the Senate Banking Committee could not raise campaign cash from bankers.

Hear what Lynn says about free speech and what’s next for the plan. (1:16 in the video)


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