Running mates and announcement dates: What's next politically for Adam Edelen?

05/25/2014 06:49 PM

Auditor Adam Edelen said he will announce whether he’s entering the 2015 Democratic primary for governor most likely in June and said he has not offered the position of lieutenant governor candidate on his slate to anyone yet.

“I have had a couple of conversations with people who I think have a skill set that would be helpful to a governor who wants to drive organizational excellence, who have a skill set in problem solving learned in the private sector,” Edelen said (at 1:00 of the interview).

Edelen didn’t say whether those conversations have yielded answers from those Democrats about whether they would, indeed, be interested in running with him if he did offer that position. That includes Rep. Tommy Thompson, D-Philpot, who serves as the House Democratic whip. (2:00)

But Edelen has an outline in his head of what his gubernatorial platform would be (7:00) and said this fall’s election is crucial because it “becomes difficult” for a Democrat to become governor in 2015 if that party loses control of the state House in 2014. (8:00)

“But make no mistake, it’s going to be difficult for a Democrat to win just based on being a Democrat in 2015. The old days of people voting their partisan affiliation because that’s what they do is over,” Edelen said. “The candidate who will be elected governor in 2015 is the one who will have a demonstrated ability of crossover appeal.”

And he said vetting hasn’t begun because Kentucky law prohibits spending of money on a gubernatorial race until a slate files paperwork with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Some candidates get around that by waiting until close to the announcement and paying a bill for vetting or an initial campaign video until after that paperwork is filed.

Edelen also responded to questions about polling conducted last week about the Democratic primary. (3:00)

As for his timeline, Edelen said he is going to take the Memorial Day weekend to refocus after last week’s massive audit of the Jefferson County Public Schools and its technology and its administrative bloat , as Edelen called it.

“We’re not going to let any grass grow. We will move on this in fairly short order,” Edelen said of his announcement about the governor’s race. He confirmed that sometime in June is his target.

Edelen also confirmed that he and Conway had a discussion about their separate ambition for the governor’s office. (5:00)


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