RPK raises concerns over how police handled investigation into allegations against Sen. Carroll

07/24/2017 07:19 PM

FRANKFORT – Concerns over how investigators handled allegations made in 2005 against Senator Julian Carroll, D-Frankfort, are being raised by Republican Party of Kentucky Communications Director Tres Watson.

In 2005, photographer Jason Geis came forward with allegations that Carroll had groped and propositioned him for sexual favors. Geis recorded a conversation between he and Carroll and went to the police. The investigation halted after Carroll changed his story to police, and Lincoln Co. Attorney John Hackley said he saw “no violation of any Kentucky Criminal Statute.”

Watson says that the accusations against Carroll are not the only cause for concern, he also finds the apparent lack of response by police alarming.

“…the victim’s complaints were not entirely taken seriously by state police,” Watson said. “And that’s something important. I think that especially now that the tapes have come out and the public knows more about it, he deserves his story to be told and his complaints to be taken seriously by law enforcement.”

The Senate Democratic Caucus voted Carroll out of his leadership position on Sunday and called for him to resign, a move Watson praised.

Watson says that the aftermath of the allegations against Carroll coming to light has sent shock throughout Frankfort.

“I drove across the Julian Carroll Bridge when I came to work this morning. When we go to Fancy Farm next week we’ll be on the Julian Carroll Purchase Parkway,” Watson said. “There’s airports and schools named after him. This is someone who has a large shadow cast across the Commonwealth.”

Madeline Janicki

Madeline is a producer for Spectrum News. You can watch her work on Pure Politics, the only statewide nightly show dedicated solely to Kentucky Politics. Madeline is an Indiana native and received her degree in Communications from Indiana University. Her background is as a news producer but her passion for civic engagement and drive to bring voters information on issues that impact their lives brought her to Pure Politics. Here she gets to work on projects like her multi-part digital series on how the national group Teach For America is working in Eastern Kentucky Schools. If you have a story idea, email her at Madeline.Janicki@charter.com.


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