Romney encourages supporters in key swing state to spread ideas of his campaign

10/25/2012 04:14 PM

CINCINNATI- Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a crowd of nearly 4,000 supporters in Cincinnati on Thursday that a vote for him will be a vote for a brighter future in America.

He told the crowd that the three recent debates have hurt the Obama campaign and have re-energized the Romney/Ryan ticket.

“They’ve (the debates) diminished the Obama campaign”, said Romney. He went on to say, “his campaign gets smaller and smaller, focused on smaller and smaller things. Our campaign is about big things because we happen to believe that America faces big challenges.”

The growing national debt under the Obama administration was another central talking point for Romney at the event.

“This President has no plan to get us to a balanced budget,” said Romney. He added,
“I will finally cut federal spending, I’ll cap federal spending and get us on track to a balanced budget.”

Another key issue of the 2012 election, education, was also a focus of Romney’s address to supporters. Specifically, allowing parents to have a choice of what public school to send their children and how that would be accomplished under his plan.

“All of the federal dollars that go out to help schools go to the child instead so the parents can choose the school that their child will go to and the federal dollars will follow that child and we can have real school choice in America.”

Romney laid out the other aspects of his plan such as repealing the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”, boost small businesses, creating 12 million jobs and increase military spending.

But the event was not just visited by Romney supporters as there were some protestors outside the rally who held signs saying Romney is out of touch with Ohioans and average Americans.


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