Rocky Adkins calls for Jeff Hoover to step down as House Speaker

01/03/2018 05:45 PM

FRANKFORT – With the all of the turmoil in the House over who is actually the Speaker, former House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, says the issue is causing a huge distraction in the body and is undermining the House’s ability to get a pension bill or to move forward with any other business.

Adkins says that everyone knew going in it was going to be a challenging session and that challenge has been made greater with the sexual harassment allegations, as well as who is the true leader of the House.

“I just finished my 31st year in the Kentucky House and this is the first time that I have seen this kind of organization in the majority leadership to try to provide the leadership that’s going to be needed,” Adkins said. “There’s not question that it’s a distraction any tie that you’ve got an Acting Speaker who is technically Speaker Pro Tem, who is presiding over this chamber. I think for the institution itself, it’s casting some confusion, and really overshadowing some of the real issues that are here facing us during this session.”

Adkins and his caucus believe that it is best for all concerned in the chamber that Jeff Hoover step aside and the House body elect a new Speaker.

“Within our caucus, there’s a unanimous (feeling) for Jeff Hoover to step aside and honor his commitment that he made back in November, and that’s being done both from the allegations and also the institutional operation of the structure that’s been set up here to operate as a majority leadership that I’ve never seen in my thirty-one years in my career here so there’s no question it’s a big distraction.”


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