Robyn Williams talks policy, politics, fundraisers and her father's $1 million contribution

08/16/2011 10:53 AM

Robyn Williams said her husband still has time for his message to reach voters, who have been preoccupied with national politics of late.

“The race really hasn’t gotten geared up yet,” Williams said. “The national problems that we have kind of have sucked the life out of everybody.”

Robyn Williams is an attorney and former judge. She spent nearly six years as a District Court Judge in Russell, Clinton and Wayne counties from October 2004 through December 2010. She’s been married to Republican candidate for governor David Williams since July 2003.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear has been leading David Williams, the state Senate president, in polls this summer. But Robyn Williams said that doesn’t likely reflect what has actually been said in the governor’s race or who has the best ideas to lead the state forward.

“People will be coming back around this fall. I think it will tighten up and I think ultimately they will see who’s got the ideas and who’s thinking about the future and who’s just got their head stuck in the sand. And I think those polls will tighten up and we’ll win in the end,” Williams said.

Williams said it’s inaccurate to describe Kentucky as being on solid financial footing with a rainy day “surplus.” She said it’s in as bad a shape as the nation, with bond-rating downgrade preceding the national downgrade, unfunded pensions and other issues.

“When people start hearing the truth in this governor’s race about where we’re at as a state, and the fact that there are no ideas coming out of the current governor’s office to fix it, I think they’ll come around,” Williams said.

Mrs. Williams’ father, Terry Stephens, recently gave $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association, that would potentially be spent on her husband’s election.

But Mrs. Williams said she was surprised when she found out about the gift from her father.

“That’s between him and the RGA. My father has always been involved in politics. He is a believer in conservative values. And he’s a believer in fiscal conservative values. And so that’s between he and the RGA.”

Robyn Williams also said an Aug. 25 fund-raiser in Louisville featuring former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will help generate some enthusiasm and help focus Republicans in Kentucky and nationwide on the fall governor’s race.


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