Robyn Williams says raising student drop-out age should be 'part' of education reforms

10/03/2011 08:43 AM

Robyn Williams, wife of Republican candidate for governor David Williams, said raising the drop-out age to 18 from 16 “is part” of what Kentucky needs to do to bolster education in Kentucky. (She made the comments at the 2:30 mark of the interview segment).

Raising that age is an initiative first lady Jane Beshear has pushed for but it has stalled the last two years in the state Senate, led by Williams’ husband, David Williams.

But much more than that needs to be done to help Kentucky’s education system, Robyn Williams added. She said schools should set up different tracks to help encourage students in different areas.

“We need to figure out what inspires each different child individually and put them on a track to reach that goal,” she said at 1:35. “And it may be that we need to boost up the technical programs that we have and alternative learning programs.”

She also said she wants to see state policy makers focus on the Jefferson County School District, which includes six of the 10 worst-performing high schools in the state. (0:01 – 1:30)

And Williams also discussed the pending divorce between lieutenant governor candidate Richie Farmer and his wife, Rebecca (4:30 – 5:45).

“It was a surprise for us. And we hate that it happened for their family and for Richie,” she said. “It’s a sad situation that a lot of people go through. I hate that it happened in the middle of a campaign.”

If her husband is elected, Robyn Williams said she would focus on educating people about drug and alcohol addiction and ways to treat it, starting with a hotline.

“Maybe I can find private funding for it. It’s not necessarily another government program I want to start,” she said.

Williams also revealed that she lost a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and would want to focus on educating Kentuckians about it.

“There are some things you can do to help prevent that from happening, such as the back-to-sleep campaign and not exposing your child to second hand smoke,” she said (starting at the 1:30 mark).


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