Rising costs of tuition and student loan burden concerns of young Kentucky delegates

09/05/2012 04:00 PM

CHARLOTTE—Kentucky’s Democratic delegation includes several college students. One of them is Northern Kentucky University senior Erin Smith, who is serving as a youth delegate.

Smith said the biggest challenges facing her generation is paying for college and being able to start a career without going bust. She would like to hear from the President a plan to help her generation with the financial stress that comes with higher education.

“Anything that would help us alleviate some of that financial stress because there is nothing that hurts more than graduating with over $100,000 worth of debt” (at :32).

Smith is a political science major. And she told Ryan Alessi that one of her goals after the convention is to explain to her friends why it’s important to pay attention to the election and the political process.

“It is more than just Obama, it is the state of Kentucky. What is going on in our legislation, what is going on in Congress, what is going on in the Senate..because what is so often forgotten is the procedural aspect of politics” (at :08).

Smith sees the Presidential race holding more significance than just policy platform in 2012 for the younger generation because of what she believes is an inspiring administration behind Barack Obama.

“For the first time we have a lot of young people saying I may be this, I may be poor, I may be this right now, but I can do this” (at 2:02).


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