Restoring America launches another ad, saying Beshear is following Obama's 'playbook'

09/29/2011 03:01 PM

Having already hit the airwaves with multiple ads this week, Republican group Restoring America is releasing another ad trying to directly link Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear with Democratic President Barack Obama.

The ad, titled “Playbook,” opens on a scene of the Capitol in Frankfort, before cutting to what’s supposed to be the governor’s office.

An overly excited aide throws a package from the White House on the governor’s desk and an actor playing Beshear opens it to reveal “Obama’s playbook.”

The ad then turns to an interview style made popular by the TV show The Office, where the excited aide says Beshear supports Obama’s health care reform law and Environmental Protection Agency proposals.

Beshear, of course, has done everything to prove the opposite of what the ads claim. Two weeks ago, Beshear said he told Obama in a face-to-face meeting to reverse the current policies at the EPA.

And Beshear has repeatedly said Kentucky needs the federal government to back off so it can create jobs in the coal business.

The ad comes at the beginning of a $177,000 ad buy Restoring America has made for the next three weeks. The ads are running in the Louisville, Lexington, Northern Kentucky and Henderson TV markets.

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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