Party of one? Republican Gurley L. Martin's 90th birthday plans include filing to challenge McConnell

06/28/2013 09:46 AM

Gurley L. Martin is out to prove a lot over the next year: that money shouldn’t determine elections, that 90 isn’t too old run for U.S. Senate, and, yes, that he can beat U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in a primary.

Martin, a widower and retiree from Owensboro, announced on his website’s “frequently asked questions” section that he plans to file against McConnell in November. He told Pure Politics in a phone interview that he will pick up his filing papers on Nov. 6 and return them on Nov. 27 — his 90th birthday — which he hopes will offer the Kentucky press corps a news hook.

Martin was among three lesser-known Republicans who ran in the 2010 U.S. Senate primary when then-Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Rand Paul were slugging it out. Martin got 2,850 votes — less than one percent of the votes cast — and avoided finishing last by 21 votes.

Martin, who served stateside in the Army during World War II, has spent the three years since his last campaign working on his website, where he has put his writings with numerous Biblical references, as well as more obscure references such as the “International Jew.” (More on that later).

In a wide-ranging phone interview, Martin said he had such a good time traveling the state in the 2010 primary, he wants to do it again. And, referring to himself in the third person for emphasis, he declared that he would beat McConnell in a one-on-one primary.

“I don’t know yet whether anyone else would file. But can you picture the Republican ballot being only Mitch McConnell and Gurley L. Martin? I can picture that. If Mitch McConnell is as smart as I think he is, he should get all the people he can find to run on the Republican ticket so he can beat Gurley L. Martin,” he said. “He knows right from wrong, but he is bought and paid for by his donors.”

Martin had plenty to say about other issues, from federal government programs (there really shouldn’t be any) to regulations (nope) to the Great Depression (it was designed so the government could grab power). Here’s Martin in his own words:

On raising money
“I refuse to take any donations of 5 cents, $5 or $5 million. If anyone believes in the things Gurley L. Martin believes in, then they will figure out a way to put him in office without breaking the bank.”

On Mitch McConnell
“I like Mitch McConnell. He’s a friend. But he’s put himself into a position where he cannot be Mitch McConnell. Two years before the elections he’s got $17 million. That’s more than Reince Priebus (at the RNC). Anyone who collects that much money that far ahead of time owes somebody something.”
Q. Whom do you believe Senator McConnell owes?
A. “You’ll have to ask Mitch McConnell.”
Q. Is there a specific instance in which he made a vote that you think might have been influenced?
A. “Well, no, I cannot point out right now a specific item.”

On Rand and Ron Paul
(Before moving back to Kentucky in the early 1990s, Martin Lived in Texas City in Galveston County while Ron Paul was the congressman for that area.)
“He was what I call a statesman and a great American right up there with Douglas MacArthur, who is a hero of mine.”
Q. Would you support Rand Paul for president in 2016?
A. “Certainly, but I would prefer Ron Paul.”
Q. Wouldn’t he be a bit too old to run again?
A. “I want to prove that age is plus factor, not a negative. Ron Paul is considerably younger than I am. And he is way more honest.”
Q. And Rand Paul?
A. “Rand is different in personality. Last time I filed to run for the Senate, I had never heard of Rand Paul. When he showed up he was my choice, but I had already filed.”

On the NSA tracking programs
“That’s like everything else going on. It, itself, is unconstitutional. Very little that goes on is constitutional.”

On the use of drones for surveillance of U.S. citizens
“They should not even exist for that purpose at all. Drones are a military device to be used by military personnel, not administrative personnel.”

On government programs
“Medicare and Social Security should be terminated. Those who are dependent on it should be bought out or phased out.”

On regulations
“States should handle meat and food inspectors. The federal government would have the least authority to do about it. That was the way things were through 1928.”
Q. That didn’t exactly work out well for financial regulation leading up to the stock market crash. Should the government regulate Wall Street?
A. “Are they doing a good job? That should be left up to the stock market and the people who are on it.”

On the 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression
“There’s some doubt on what brought it on. There’s no such thing as an accident. The Depression in 1929, in my book, was to create the conditions that we have now – to create dependence on the federal government.”

On what he means in his writings when he refers to the “International Jew”
“It’s really about a dozen people who are in charge of what’s going on in the world.
They have no allegiance to any nation. They’re the most powerful people on earth and have moved from capital to capital over the centuries to wherever the banking industry is centered. They’re the people who have the money and control the money. The Federal Reserve is set up by those people. They either own or control the money that’s valuable across the world. They think that’s all that’s needed to run their one-world government.”

On term limits
“I will promise the voters that I will only serve two terms — if I’m elected, that is.”

About Ryan Alessi

Ryan Alessi joined cn|2 in May 2010 as senior managing editor and host of Pure Politics. He has covered politics for more than 10 years, including 7 years as a reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader. Follow Ryan on Twitter @cn2Alessi. Ryan can be reached at 502-792-1135 or


  • viewer wrote on June 28, 2013 10:49 AM :

    Someone with Team Mitch come on here and explain to me how all this money Mitch has is going to help Kentucky ? Someone with Team Mitch tell me with the economy in America being so bad , who is giving you guys all this money ? We need to look at Mitch’s wealth compared to the average Kentuckian since he has been in office the last 30 years. How does his bank account look compared to the average Kentuckian ? Him and Harry Reid have both done very well compared to the small states they represent. Both men have made personnal fortunes , while Nevada and Kentucky has stayed in the dumps…. Interesting isnt it ????

    And to the Dems : Grimes right now is talking to big donors too. Tell me how is she going to be any different if elected ? How did Grimes family get tied in with Bill Clinton ? These Silver Spoons dont help the average Kentuckian… I’m sorry but look at all the Top Dems in this state. They are no different than Mitch’s bunch. I want to hear more of how Grimes got in with the Clinton’s. There is business dealings between them , but lets track back the deal , and see where the money leads to.

    The Farm Bureau and Chamber of Commerce has sold us out too. Look who the represent today. The big $$$$$$. Ask for more Kentucky !!! The viewer

  • Cat Balz wrote on June 28, 2013 01:05 PM :

    Gurley, Gurley, he’s our man, if he can’t do it…maybe Bullman can! Dear Lord, won’t someone please loan Otis Hensley the filing fee cash so that Kentucky can have a pay per view Senate debate? We could fix the public pension mess over night with the proceeds.

  • Cumberland Gap wrote on July 02, 2013 11:36 AM :

    Gurley is a gadfly! Hey reporter, since he is opposed to the Social Security program why didn’t you ask him how many social security checks he has cashed since retiring? No regulation of Wall St? Ask him about the pension and mutual funds he owns and ask why he enjoys the regulations for his benefit on those? Just too much hypocrisy or ignorance in Gurley’s reasoning. A Rand Paul disciple, to be sure.

  • Ohio River wrote on August 03, 2013 05:49 PM :

    Glad to say as long as Mr Martin holds his antisemitism views he will never be elected to anything. The days of Mr Martin have come and gone.

  • Gurley L Martin wrote on September 04, 2013 09:41 AM :

    This “IS” My Story – This “IS” My Song – All The Day Long & I Am Sticking To “IT”…….

  • Gurley L Martin wrote on December 01, 2013 03:30 AM :

    The Following -> BLASTS From The RAMSHORN – 11/27/2013 – “IS” – In Answer To The {?}Question{?} -> Just “WHO” Are The “Bloomin’ Idiots”? -> Gurley L – could be the #1 – Bloomin’ Idiot of 90 0f 100 years – for believing -> that ONE little ‘old’ MAN -> could be a positive Force – In the RE-declaring of OUR independence from ANY Tyranny – immediately followed by the RE-establishment of our FREEDOM as individuals -> citizens of FREE states – via our “Constitution” plus most all amendments -> {XVI & XVII} – should/could be studied & considered for – REPEAL -> aiding immensely in the recovery of both individual freedom & responsibility of the individual for & in the “Greatest” single nation – the world has ever known -> “Be It So”.
    Our Kentucky State Flag – portrays the statesman & the settler > “United We Stand – Divided We Fall”……. All national collectives – have just (1) goal -> “Divide & Conquer” – CONTROL or DESTROY -> orchestrated {thru man} by that master LIAR {Not Obama or Any Other} of all time. Note: {53+/ of the 57} men that created “This” document & this (1) of a kind “Greatest” of all single nations – were quick to observe -> that this constitution “IS” sufficient ONLY for a moral & religious people…….

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