Republican congressional candidate Wicker baffled by "defeatist attitude" within GOP

06/15/2012 01:45 PM

Congressional candidate Brooks Wicker told a group of young Republicans on Wednesday night that they “will lose” the third congressional district election unless leaders of their party get fully engaged.

Wicker, the Republican 3rd District candidate, urged the several dozen activists to join his campaign to unseat incumbent Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth. Wicker spoke of a “defeatist attitude” within the Republican party, and tried to underscore the importance of grassroots bumper sticker marketing as the best word of mouth support for the money.

“I went into (the Jefferson County Republican) executive committee meeting last night before the meeting I went out in the parking lot and looked at all the cars. Guess what I saw? Very few of these (bumper stickers) on the cars,” Wicker said. “I was a little bit more animated when I talked to those folks, because if I don’t get their support they are the executive committee of this party. If they don’t have this on their car something is wrong.”

Wicker, a certified public accountant from Louisville, has not raised enough money to have to file a Federal Election Commission fundraising report. Candidates who collect more than $5,000 must file quarterly reports with FEC.

Yarmuth, meanwhile, has nearly $400,000 in cash on hand to start the general election, according to his most recent filings.

Wicker, who was unopposed in the Republican primary, has begun to ramp up his campaign and said on Pure Politics earlier this month that he’s eager to debate the issues with Yarmuth. When prompted by James Young, chairman of the Louisville Young Republicans, Wicker recounted a run-in he had with Yarmuth at a downtown Louisville event.

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  • Paul Hosse' wrote on June 16, 2012 10:18 AM :

    Brooks is absolutely right. We’ve had this conversation. The local GOP has become comfortable with losing and there is no reason for it. No one is more surprised by a Republican victory than they are. We need to get back to traditional conservative basics.

    I’ve had this same convervation with a lot of people for years now; especially within the last few months. Everyone knows that there needs to be a change in attitude, orginization, and leadership style. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the East clique running the show and not being inclusive.

    Speaking as a long time Southend activist, Brooks is an excellent candidate. He can and will do a great job as our 3rd District Congressman. He has the support of a lot of people…Democrat, Indie, and Republican througout Jefferson County. He’s got the experience and intelligence we need in Washington. But, regardless of the outcome, one thing I can assure everyone of, things will be different after November.

  • Cumberland Gap wrote on June 18, 2012 10:21 AM :

    Most of all, Wicker seemed miffed he didn’t get an audience with Yarmuth. I had to play it twice but Wicker said, “I seen a man and he doesn’t act like he knows who I am.” I thought CPA’s had to take grammar in English, too?

    Plus, he was holding the bumper sticker upside down, is that an omen? Then, he bullied Yarmuth about his height and laughed in a juvenile manner.

    The richy east end executive committee may be taking these things under advisement and shaking their educated heads.

  • Mike Strunk wrote on June 18, 2012 06:46 PM :

    An executive committee that is dormant is definitely a problem. The folks who hold seats for the GOP should be willing to work for a positive outcome and complacency should be followed by replacement. The problem there is having people interested in replacing the do nothings.

    Second, forget your bumper stickers bro. They are cool and somewhat important but how about you go out and fundraise a bit. Invigorate the committee, raise a volunteer army, go to public events and make your voice heard by the public. Followership sometimes needs more leadership… Point being, DO WORK.

    There are models of programs out there that ky GOP candidates utilize to win, go adopt one that requires more than airing the lack of power your county party has, and instead one that relies upon you and your campaign waking up the local volunteers and doers. Louisville is not a guarantee for libs, it only is if the committee and the people aren’t rallied and awakened by their candidate. Now go FUNDRAISE!

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