Republican attorney general candidate Todd P'Pool says he plans 'independent' race from GOP slate

05/19/2011 04:02 PM

LEXINGTON — With the general election field set, at least one of the Republican candidates says he’ll likely be going his own way in the general election and not latching on too closely to any other Republican candidates.

Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool has been the Republican nominee for attorney general since January, with no primary opposition. And he’s been traveling around the state to various Lincoln Day Dinners with those who were battling each other for the nominations to the other statewide offices.

That has led P’Pool to have friendships with all the candidates, even those who lost their primary races, he told Pure Politics on primary election night.

While those winning nominees were being crowned, P’Pool told Pure Politics he would shy away from campaign coordination with his other GOP nominees. Calling the attorney general office an independent one, P’Pool said with different opponents and different offices, it’s more likely that each candidate runs his own race, rather than having a lot of campaign coordination between races.

He did say he supports the entire GOP slate, though, and added that his decision has nothing to do with the Republican ticket.

P’Pool also explained why he decided to split his campaign on primary Election Night. He and his campaign manager, David Ray, spent the evening at Republican gubernatorial nominee David Williams’ election party in Lexington while P’Pool’s wife, Shannon, and political director Jonathan Duke, went to Louisville with GOP candidate Phil Moffett, who lost to Williams in the gubernatorial primary. Here’s the video:

-Reporting and video production by Kenny Colston


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