Rep. Wesley Morgan walks back departure from GOP, rescinds Democratic endorsement

05/24/2018 11:25 AM

Days after losing a re-election bid in the GOP primary, promising to leave the Republican Party and endorsing a Democrat for his position Rep. Wesley Morgan, R-Richmond, changed his mind.

On Thursday, Morgan took to his Facebook page to inform his friends and followers of his decision to rescind his previous statements.

“I have had time to reflect on my loss over the last day or so,” Morgan wrote. “I obviously said some things in shock that I did not mean. I cannot and will not be able to support someone like Morgan Eaves for the 81st House Seat. She simply does not stand for the values I stand for. With that being said, I also cannot and will not be able to support Deanna Frazier after the way she has slandered my name during this election. So I guess I’ll sit this one out.”

Morgan was defeated in Tuesday’s Republican primary in the partial Madison County 81st House District to audiologist Deanna Frazier, who garnered 56.8 percent of the vote.

After the election Morgan slammed establishment members of the Republican Party, and promised to continue being a “thorn in the side of every member of the Republican Party who claims to be a conservative and still supports people like Mitch McConnell, Jeff Hoover, and Jonathan Shell.”

Now, Morgan says he will not be leaving the Republican Party.

“I will not be leaving the Republican Party – but will continue to fight to hold officials accountable to the conservative values the party claims to uphold,” he continued. “I apologize to anyone who I caused to doubt my loyalty to my principles and hope you can understand the heartbreak this loss has caused after everything I have sacrificed and fought for.”

Morgan was part of a small group of House Republicans who sought to ouster former House Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, as he was embroiled in controversy surrounding a sexual harassment settlement with a former House staffer.

Eaves, an Emerge Kentucky graduate and city commissioner faces Frazier in the November election. She responded to the news on social media with a look at her platform.

“I welcome the support of anyone who champions public education, higher education, comprehensive tax reform, workers’ rights and criminal justice reform. Those that don’t can keep walking, because we’ve got work to be done,” she said.


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